Sessions’ Value to Trump


Sessions would be much more valuable to Trump if he were to run for Senate and put out Jones from Alabama than he would be to continue as Attorney General, maybe, but does Trump know that or is he just lashing out in unconsidered fury.


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Will American Democracy Survive Trump?

Since Trump has become president, I’ve become very concerned that the United States democracy may not survive, or maybe it will.

Trump has been behaving very oddly. On one hand, some people put his odd obsession with the size of his inauguration crowd and the alleged voter fraud without evidence up to some sort of master strategy. I believe it’s no strategy, and his behavior is one of a child, and a child of diminished capacity at that.

He does not sleep more than a few hours at a stretch, if reports are to be believed, and he has kept up a sleep-deprived schedule for years, perhaps decades. Sleep deprivation is a proven cause of diminished mental ability.

Either Trump is lying about his belief in the size of his crowd at inauguration day, or he is truly delusional. It really does not matter which it is, lying or delusional, because in either case he is tearing up the country with his actions.

More to come.



Rep John Lewis on our times



Trump and Non-disclosure agreements

It is a well document thing that Trump forces many of his employees, down to the lowest levels, to sign non-disclosure agreements and also agree to never say anything negative about Trump, the Trump Organization, or the Trump family, for all time.  In essence, if you write your autobiography 50 years in the future, and mention Trump, he or his estate could come in and sue you.  Whether such a suit would be successful is beside the point because the threat of lawyers to a low-income person effectively silences them.

Now that Trump is about to become our Fearless Leader, I wonder if he will be requiring similar agreements to all his staff? Perhaps in time it will be a more general thing that all Federal Employees will have to agree to?  I wonder what the legality of any of this would be. Any thoughts?

Note, this being not legal is not a sign Trump won’t try it.



What if Trump Refuses to Acknowledge his loss and takes action?

What happens if Trump refuses to acknowledge his loss, and makes a call to action from his supporters, either overtly, or in the “you know what I mean” sort of code

Suppose his supporters then start taking terroristic actions, either individually or in larger groups? Suppose the violence increases to the point of an insurgency?

What short of charges might Trump himself be bringing upon himself if he screams out loudly even as the violence begins and escalates?

How far would Trump have to go before law enforcement action has to be taken against him?

I hope we never have to find out.



Trump’s Fasism vs Populism

Lately, I’ve been hearing some Trump supports claim that Trump is not “Fascist”, but is rather a “Populist”. This is because the word  Fascist has negative connotations that bring to mind such terrible dictators as Mussolini and even Hitler.  Populist brings forth such popular and good leaders as Franklin Roosevelt.

However, fascists are sometimes also populists. It is not a binary, one or the other, black or white, one or zero kind of choice. Hither and Mussolini were both populists, at least in their rhetoric. Both addressed large groups of loud screaming fans who thought their hero was sent to save their nations, or at least save them.  Their appeal was more of a pseudo-populism rather than a real-populism in that their words did not match their deeds.

So too is Trump a blend of fascist as well as pseudo-populism. Trump has a history of going out and saying whatever he thinks will get the crowd’s attention, as though this were just a scene in an unreality TV Show.

To be a both a fascist a populist, or pseudo-populist, is not mutually exclusive.



Trump’s Superior ‘Racehorse’ German Blood

Donald Trump thinks people are like racehorses, some are genetically ‘superior’ to others. See this trailer for a documentary called THE CHOICE.

Watch the entire documentary THE CHOICE on PBS


Meet Alicia Machado

Meet Alicia Machado, brave woman who is standing up and telling her story of abuse and sexism at the tiny hands of Donald Trump.


#ImWithHer #LoserDonald #DebateNight


Trump’s Universal Victim

This is Alicia Machado, the woman whom Hillary referred to during last night’s debate. Trump humiliated this beautiful woman by calling her fat and Miss Housekeeping. What a jerk.


Trump Loses Bigly! Bigly!

trump-crushed-in-pollsTrump has screwed up bigly. The first polls show that he lost the debate.

I watched the debate with a group of friends who were not impressed with how often he just rambled incoherently and rarely answered a question, and lied constantly.

Give me a break! He claims he didn’t do the birther stupidity?

And the biggest laugh of the night came when he claimed he had a better temperment to be president than Hillary.

Still, remember that after Obama’s first debate, he lost to Mitt. The circumstances were different, as apparently he had been involved in presidential duties, and the debate was a the high altitude of Denver Colorado. Still, Trump has two more debates, unless he chickens out, and he might learn from this. Hillary and supporters can’t lie down on the job.