Will American Democracy Survive Trump?

Since Trump has become president, I’ve become very concerned that the United States democracy may not survive, or maybe it will.

Trump has been behaving very oddly. On one hand, some people put his odd obsession with the size of his inauguration crowd and the alleged voter fraud without evidence up to some sort of master strategy. I believe it’s no strategy, and his behavior is one of a child, and a child of diminished capacity at that.

He does not sleep more than a few hours at a stretch, if reports are to be believed, and he has kept up a sleep-deprived schedule for years, perhaps decades. Sleep deprivation is a proven cause of diminished mental ability.

Either Trump is lying about his belief in the size of his crowd at inauguration day, or he is truly delusional. It really does not matter which it is, lying or delusional, because in either case he is tearing up the country with his actions.

More to come.



Trump’s Fasism vs Populism

Lately, I’ve been hearing some Trump supports claim that Trump is not “Fascist”, but is rather a “Populist”. This is because the word  Fascist has negative connotations that bring to mind such terrible dictators as Mussolini and even Hitler.  Populist brings forth such popular and good leaders as Franklin Roosevelt.

However, fascists are sometimes also populists. It is not a binary, one or the other, black or white, one or zero kind of choice. Hither and Mussolini were both populists, at least in their rhetoric. Both addressed large groups of loud screaming fans who thought their hero was sent to save their nations, or at least save them.  Their appeal was more of a pseudo-populism rather than a real-populism in that their words did not match their deeds.

So too is Trump a blend of fascist as well as pseudo-populism. Trump has a history of going out and saying whatever he thinks will get the crowd’s attention, as though this were just a scene in an unreality TV Show.

To be a both a fascist a populist, or pseudo-populist, is not mutually exclusive.



Video: Why have Conventions?

This is a video I made. I interviewed attendees at the 2016 California Democratic State Convention and asked them “why have conventions” and got some interesting answers. Take a look, and share this video. Thank you,


Salinas Homeless

Salinas is about to harass a bunch of homeless after passing a law essentially making it a crime to be homeless. This video shot by Wes White shows part of Thursday night’s protest at Salinas City Hall.