Project: Salinas Homeless Video Profiles


This is a proposal to create a series of brief videos each highlighting the story of several individual homeless persons in  Salinas, California. This initial project will seek out six homeless individuals residing in Salinas and ask them a series of set questions and then allow them to speak their minds for any unexpected information. 


The mission of this project is to show the truth about what life as a homeless person is really like, and to counter the common narrative that homeless people are simply lazy or bad people unwilling to “get a job”.


The base project is to create six, eight-minute long videos suitable for uploading on YouTube. These six videos will then be assembled with bumper footage into a single 42-minute video suitable for possible distribution via television and/or DVD.
The camera operator will digitally record interviews with homeless persons in Salinas, and ask each of them to describe how they became homeless, and what challenges they face in their lives as a homeless person. The camera operator will also take video and still images of the places where homeless gather and live. 
The video editor will edit each interview into separate brief, 8-minute videos, which will be uploaded to YouTube.  
These separate videos will then be edited together into a single extended length narrative video which will also be uploaded to YouTube.  
While these videos will be initially distributed primarily on YouTube. Additional means of distribution, such as other online video platforms, broadcast television, public access television, DVD, and so on, will be explored. 

Project Challenges and obstacles:

There will be some challenges and obstacles to overcome in this project. For one thing, homeless people may be reluctant to speak about their own lives. They may be ashamed of what happened, and self-blaming. They may simply be camera shy as are many people, homeless or not. 
There is also an issue of safety for the camera operator/interviewer. Carrying an expensive piece of technology into an isolated area where desperate people dwell carries some risk of robbery. This risk could be reduced by keeping interviews to public areas, and/or being with people who are reliable, homeless or not. In other words, safety in numbers. This aspect of the project could become a subfeature of the project’s final production.

Project Staff Position Responsibilities:

Plan the overall direction of the project, including project timeline, budget, equipment, research, script writing, storyboard creation, locations, accounting, and other necessary functions of the project.
Editor: Takes raw audio, video,
Audio/Visual:  Records raw audio, video, and/or still image data using either their own equipment or equipment provided by the project producer, as necessary.
Interviewer:  Ask questions of the interviewees, attempting to get them to answer and come out of their shell.

Project Paid Staff:

James Thomas Green, Producer, Video editor.

Wes White, Audio/Visual, Interviewer

Project Timeline:

This project will have a 90-day schedule.
  • 30 days shooting schedule
  • 60 days editing schedule.

The videos will start to be placed online on YouTube, once a week, for six weeks, starting about 90 days after the start of the project. They will be scheduled to go live at the same day and time, once a week, until they have all been posted. Then on the seventh week, at the same time and date, the entire video, with all sections and some additional footage, will be posted on YouTube.

The videos will be made available to any public access outlets, with the provision that the videos remains completely unchanged, including all credits and attributions.

Project Budget:

Producer/Editor (James Thomas ‘jtg’ Green):            $1200
Camera/Interviewer (Wes White):                               1200
Stipend for six interviewees:                                          600
(6 x $100)
Subtotal:                                                                          $3000
Fees, misc unforeseen expenses:                                   600
Project total                                                                  $3500

Project Accounting:

In order to demonstrate financial responsibility and accountability, the Producer will post several Project account summaries throughout the project including the following milestone points:
  • Project Beginning
  • Close of Recording Phase
  • Close of the Editing Phase
  • Posting of Final Complete Video
It is important that this project be financially transparent to engender confidence in contributors both for this project, as well as give them the confidence to contribute to future projects.
If there are any questions or concerns about this project, it’s goals, mission, methodology, or anything, please either leave a comment below or CONTACT us privately.
Thank you for your interest.

 Please contribute via one or more of the following methods:

Kickstarter • GoFundMe • PayPal 

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